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Yixing Home is an enterprise integrating R & D, manufacturing, and selling high -quality mattress products. It is one of the companies that take the lead in implementing a new concept of sleep culture in China

Situcson mattresses

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Situcson mattresses under Yixing Home Furnishing, with their stylish, well -craftsmanship, and practical products, implement a "quality, taste" brand strategy, and create high -quality products with scientific and humanized design and sophisticated craftsmanship. Sales service achieves your high -taste home demand. Yixing Home always adheres to the concept of "people -oriented", and respects the "comfort and healthy" sleep method.


In China, take the lead in promoting the new concept of sleep culture

Ergonomic Sleep

Each design link focuses on integrating the concept of "comfort and health"

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Introduce advanced German technology and carefully select the pads for you

Situcson brand Mattress

The Situcson brand mattress series organically combines the theory of "ergonomics" with human body characteristics and sleep habits in terms of R & D, which focuses on integrating the concept of "comfort and health" in each design link. , Carefully select the mats for you, integrate the cutting -edge production technology to refine the outstanding quality products. In addition, we have also established a solid foreign trade sales channel and a complete after -sales service team, so that you can choose the Situcson brand products without worries.


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Welcome domestic and foreign merchants to visit and negotiate. We are willing to work with people from all walks of life to seek development in the home industry.